For Centuries, Eastern White Pine has has been used in applications where versatility is paramount. This sustainable species has a uniform texture, and shapes easily for appearance products that require a consistent profile. Blending simply with many aesthetics and environments, Eastern White Pine's ability to hold colors and showcase detail makes this wood species a favorite for both contemporary designs and historical redux. Its interior and exterior versatility, along with availability, enhance its popularity for today’s designs and specification demands.


for use in building projects that require quality, appearance, and durability. This unique wood species has a fine grain, a variety of “looks”, uniform texture, shapes easily, stays true to form, and holds finishes extremely well.

White Pine Tongue and Groove

Our rustic tongue and groove white pine wall boards and siding are perfect for many building applications and needs. The matching tongue and groove joint is an improvement over the historical shiplap that was traditionally used to create a wall both inside and outside your building. Our customers feel that this product is easy to install and is perfect even for beginner DIY projects. You will love the final look you will get no matter how you decide to finish your tongue and groove.

White Pine Shiplap

Our rustic white pine shiplap wallboards and siding are perfect for many building projects. The traditional shiplap joint is preferred over the tongue and groove by some installers for its versatility and easy installation. The shiplap board is reversible so you can use the smooth side for a smooth, cleanable wall, or you can use the textured side for an accent wall with a rough cut look of for exterior siding.

White Pine Channel Rustic

Our white pine channel rustic shiplap is popular for use on accent walls or for exterior siding. It has a textured surface for a rough cut look along with a 7/8th reveal along the edge of each board, which work together to create a special rough cut log with chinking appearance.

White Pine Tongue and Groove Log Siding

Our tongue and groove log siding is commonly used in log cabin and log home construction. The light 2x8 and 2x6 half round boards eliminate the need for specialized equipment for moving heavy timbers and the tongue and groove joint makes for a clean and easy fit without the headache of chinking. This log siding can be installed on conventional stick framed buildings which means you can insulate better than when using timbers. You can even replace existing siding on any building - even your double wide can be turned into a log home!

White Pine S4S

We have square edge trim available in four to twelve inch widths. Our customers have used this square edge board for trim, window and door casing, shelving, for creating faux beams or mantel pieces. It has even been used for building furniture.

Yellow Pine Tongue and Groove Flooring

Our Yellow Pine tongue and groove flooring looks great in many home designs. The yellow pine is more durable than white pine while still providing plenty of knots for character. The back side of the flooring boards has relief cuts to prevent cupping and warping and aid in flat installation. The yellow pine flooring comes in packs lengths from 8 to 16 foot bundled in packs of 5 boards to protect the face of the flooring.

Product Details

Here is a detailed description of each of the products we offer. Check out our variety of board width and profile options. Available in cabin or standard grade. We offer our tongue and groove eastern white pine in full skids or by the board. Call and request a conversation with Aaron or Josh to discuss how we can help you with your next building or remodeling project. Find diagrams of the Profiles, and pricing, using the button below.